Of course this blog post is going to be about two of our favorite things- Christmas and Teeth!! 

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and so many small children have compiled their Christmas lists. While Santa Clause may be bringing legos and dolls to the nice little girls and boys, can he grant toothless youngsters a simple Christmas wish? If your little one is singing (or thinking) “All I Want for Christmas is my Two Front Teeth” then this post is for you! 

Unfortunately Christmas magic can only go so far! Two brand new adult teeth can’t be wrapped and placed under the Christmas tree. This wish can only be realized through patience! 

Dr. Lyle Beck DDS states that most children start to lose their baby teeth between the ages of five and seven. Because we all know baby teeth are going to fall out anyway, it’s easy to wonder if brushing those little pearly whites is necessary. Dr. Beck says that not only is it important to establish good habits but if baby teeth have cavities, it can affect the development of adult teeth. Besides, we are pretty sure one of the requirements to get on Santa’s nice list is brushing twice a day. 

Did your child lose their front teeth ages ago and you still see no signs of their grown up teeth? Is your little one starting to question the existence of adult teeth, like they are starting to question the existence of Santa Clause?

No need to fear! Sometimes it takes awhile for adult teeth to erupt after losing the baby tooth. In certain situations, it can take up to six months! But if it really was Last Christmas that those baby teeth came out, you can always put your mind at ease by looking at an x-ray of your childs’ mouth at his or her next dental visit. 

We can clearly see in this radiograph the adult teeth sitting up in the gums ready to descend just like Santa shimmying down the chimney. 

So if your little one is counting on some Christmas magic to bring them their two front teeth, you may want to explain that even Santa has his limits. 

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