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Bridge, Implant & Veneers

“Recently my tooth, which had a root canal many years ago, could no longer be saved and needed to come out. Since it was in front, I was very hesitant with thoughts of an unsightly gap in the middle of my smile while the work was progressing. Dr. Haws quickly informed me of his plan and how it would be done. His explanation put me at ease right away. I must say although my mouth was a work in progress, during the process you couldn’t even tell I was having restorative or cosmetic work. I had a bridge, implant and veneers – a total of 6 teeth done in the front. I love how natural they look and have been very happy with my new smile.” – Brenda H.

Crowns & Veneers

“I never used to smile much, inside or out. I started working on the inside and with Dr. Haws’ skill, tender demeanor and patience he helped build a smile that reflected not just good teeth, but my inner self-esteem.” – June B.

Full Mouth Restoration

“I was deteriorating from the outside in. At about age 50, my gums began receding, my teeth began loosening, then falling out. Physically it was awful, but the feeling I’d get when people looked at me or talked with me, like I was a stupid or lower-class person, was the worst of all. I knew in the back of my mind I had to do something, but was afraid to face my worst fears. My grandfather wore false teeth, and he’d sneeze and they’d fall out. I didn’t want to be gumming it and I didn’t want to be like that! After being thoroughly educated about the All-on-4 dental implants procedure at Clear Creek Dentistry, I knew this was both a treatment and turning point. In only five hours, I was a whole new me. It was restorative in every sense of the word. My wife says I smile now even in my sleep. From the inside out, I’m back to my best self!” – John S.

Gum Recontouring, Simple Composites & Whitening

“I am a big smiler and I was not happy with my smile’s appearance for many years. My teeth were small and I had a lot of gum tissue showing. After discussing it with Dr. Haws we agreed on what would be the best plan. I was able to communicate exactly what I wanted and he understood. I am so thrilled with the final product! It is better than I could have ever hoped for. Thank you Dr. Haws and staff for all of your hard work.” – Gayle B.

Implant & Crown

Can you tell the difference between these two front teeth? One is natural, and one is an implant with a crown. Chelsea C.’s right central incisor had to be removed as a result of a result of external root resorption, a deterioration of the tooth root for no reason. The tooth replacement mirrors her own so closely that it is almost unrecognizable.

Six Anterior Crowns

“Wow! I did not realize what an improvement visiting Dr. Haws would make to my appearance. I should have done this years ago. I am very impressed with the genuine care and concern shown by the doctor and the entire staff. Dr. Haws’ attention to every detail and his thorough explanations of the procedures is incredibly reassuring. The personal and professional support of his team nearly dissolves any anxiety of visiting the dentist. It is a very friendly office and they do everything they can to make you comfortable.  I am very pleased with my new look and wish I had visited Clear Creek Dentistry earlier.” – David R.

Three Veneers & Implant Crown

“After my accident I thought I would never have a nice smile again. But thanks to the care and expertise of the Clear Creek Dentistry team, today I feel more confident than ever!” – Corey M.


“Dr. Haws spent a very long time coordinating with my orthodontist to make sure my crowns would look good with my existing teeth and my new bite would accommodate the additional heft he had designed into them so they would last longer. He took a lot of time to make sure the tooth shape matched my original veneers, which were perfect matches to my original teeth. Unlike most people who are using veneers to change their smiles, I wanted my smile to remain the same. I think Clear Creek Dentistry is outstanding! They do amazing work and make sure to get every detail right so you get the result you want. Both the dentists and the support staff are knowledgeable, professional and a pleasure to work with.” – Danielle M.


“I longed for an improved smile, one that braces did not give me as a child. Investing in myself – in my teeth – gave me more confidence than I could ever put into words. It profoundly changed the apprehension I once had in my smile. The process was exciting and not rushed. Dr. Haws and his staff took GREAT care and concern in making sure my smile would be just as I wanted it, down to every last detail. My veneers look very natural, which was so important in the outcome. My only regret is not doing it sooner. Thank you again Dr. Haws, for truly changing my life, I’m forever grateful!” – Lindsay H.

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