Overheard at the Beck family dinner table:

Resident Dentist: Patients are loving the new Bose headphones.

Resident Teenaged Son (dropping his hamburger in shock): You have Bose headphones?!  Are you serious?  Can I have them?

Resident Dentist: Yes, I’m serious and no, you can’t have them.

Resident Teenaged Son: Can I come to your office just to listen to the Bose headphones?

Resident Dentist: Only if a patient isn’t using them…..and now we have Pandora for the headphones too.

Resident Mother (unfamiliar with both Bose and Pandora, but attempting to join in the conversation nonetheless):  Are those the same headphones Michael Phelps uses before his races?

Resident Teenaged Son:  No, these are even better.

All:  Wow.  Even better than Michael Phelps.

Resident Dentist has been raised to a new level of coolness.

The end

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