kipfer 1It’s the moment every girl dreams about. The perfect guy, the perfect dress, the perfect day…all captured in photographs that will be cherished, shared and looked at for many years, even generations, to come. So as Casey Kipfer of Silverdale, Wash., planned her wedding, she knew she wanted her smile to be a symbol of picture perfect happiness.

“I have always had weak teeth that led to lots of fillings and other problems. There was never a question in my mind that someday I wanted to do something more permanent to fix them,” Casey said. “When Nathan and I decided to get married, I went to Clear Creek Dentistry to discuss options. I had a chipped front tooth and lots of discoloration that I really wanted taken care of for my big day. I was worried about my pictures!”

before and afterAs a patient of Dr. Lyle Beck since junior high school, Casey (now age 27) knew he would give her sound advice and workable solutions. “We went over different options, and I appreciated Dr. Beck explaining to me what each would entail and look like. This is something I had wanted for a long time so, in the end, I decided to achieve the best result for me I would have six front crowns done before my wedding,” she said. “I wanted a big, bright beautiful smile and I got one!”

kipfer after 8Casey’s smile makeover was an investment in herself. “I definitely feel more confident,” she said. “I am always working with people as an assistant property manager. Now, in conversations with clients and co-workers, I no longer feel like I need to hide my teeth. People tell me they can see a change in me and the way I act.”

A smile is the symbol of personality. “It shows who you are. It makes both a first and lasting impression,” Casey said. “An event moved me to action, but I would tell anyone considering an improvement to their smile to do it now. It is definitely worth it! Why wait to feel better about yourself?”

kipfer afterHaving met six years ago, Nathan describes Casey as the ideal combination. “She’s an amazing wife and mother, so beautiful inside and out! This only enhanced that,” he said.

Because cosmetic dentistry is typically an elective treatment, Casey encourages others to consult and seek treatment with the right person. “Dr. Beck is awesome! He goes above and beyond. He is detailed and really wants the best for you,” she said. “He will spend all the time he needs with you and follows up with his patients to make sure their treatment is flawless.”


Clear Creek Dentistry specializes in modern dentistry techniques to enhance any smile. In many cases, a new smile can be tried on temporarily before any permanent treatment begins to ensure each individual gets the result they want. Depending on a patient’s unique situation, Dr. Beck or Dr. Haws may use ceramic crowns, veneers, composite resin or implants to provide a long-lasting, beautiful smile. Our team also can evaluate the health and stability of your teeth to see if whitening is an option, using the most proven and effective methods to safely brighten a smile. Visit our Smile Gallery for before and after examples of what is possible, or call the office at (360) 692-6332 for a consultation today.

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