Jan Bahr knows how to pick them. Married for 44 years to her life, business and dance companion, she can tell you just how important it is to find the “right” partnership.

She and her husband, George, have owned and operated the Roadhouse Nursery on Central Valley Road in Poulsbo, Wash., for nearly three decades. “We live on the nursery grounds,” she said. “It isn’t just a business to us, it is our home.”

Gleaning its name from the residence history, the Roadhouse is reminiscent of the dancehall their 1904 house once was. “The bandstand area was long ago converted to living areas, but we still use a portion of the original maple dance floor for dancing,” Bahr said. “Even now it’s bringing joy and serving its initial purpose.”

If those old walls could talk, perhaps they whispered into George’s ear. “After being married for nearly 20 years, this guy who couldn’t dance surprised me with dance lessons for my birthday,” she said fondly. “It started as something we could do together and grew into something we love.”

Today, the duo not only continues to enjoy dancing together, they are sharing that love with others as ballroom instructors for Poulsbo Parks & Recreation since the early 1990’s. “We teach more than a half dozen different dances – cha-cha, foxtrot, rumba, swing, tango, waltz – and have made so many new friends through dancing,” Bahr said. “But we still like to improve our own skills by learning new techniques like, most recently, the hula.”

In fact, it was on the dance floor that the Bahrs met Dr. Haws and his wife, Nikki. “We taught them how to dance,” she said. “We were immediately impressed by Dr. Haws’ friendly nature, but it was how seriously he took it, his desire to practice and improve, that said something about his character.”

Dr. Haws’ impressive patience turned the Bahrs into instant patients. “Like any good partnership, it’s a process,” she said. “You must have confidence in one another’s abilities and work together.”

Since coming to Clear Creek in 2007, the couple has returned for many routine treatments and a few more involved procedures. “Currently, Dr. Haws is giving me an implant,” Bahr said, noting virtually no pain and the ease of the first two in three planned appointments. “He’s the best kind of partner – personable, professional, with gentle hands.”

Though an expert in his field, Dr. Haws knows when to lead and knows when to follow. “He and his wife have come back to us now a few times, with some of their older children, for more dance lessons.” she said. “It’s reciprocally rewarding.”


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