Here is Crystal last year in Romania

I am so excited to be heading back to Romania once again this summer. This will be my fourth summer in Romania but will look a lot different then it has the past three summers. Previously I spent my time there at a camp working with village children one week and orphan boys the second week. Through my time there I established deep relationships with the Romanian teams that I worked with and with the young adults and children that came to camp. They became more then someone that I served and ministered to, they became my best friends, part of my family and I have come to love them with such a passion that words cannot begin to describe it.

Last year at camp I started to become deeply convicted that there was something else I was being called to do. A lot of the orphans I work with are older orphans and are at an age where they will be being released from the orphanages. They are released with very little money, very little chance of employment, and nowhere to go. Actually, by the end of this summer, there will eleven of them being released with nowhere to turn. So this year, through the connections I have made, I will travel back to Romania, into a city called Sibiu. I will spend my time between Sibiu, Fagaras, and Oradea traveling to different ministries to see what opportunities there are to begin some type of transition home for these older boys to go to as they prepare to transition into society. And the time between traveling, my dear friend Ella and I will spend our time ministering and deepening our relationships with the boys from the orphanages. I am so excited for this opportunity that has been put before me and cannot begin to express how much I am longing to see these boys. I am excited to see where this path may lead. Feel free to follow my on my blog at
Crystal Hampton

Crystal working with a young boy in Romania

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