Clear Creek Dentistry is proud to feature the contributions of one of our newest patients, Ross McCurdy, to the Kitsap community. This lifelong Pacific Northwesterner relocated to Silverdale, Wash., last July to open a brand new Oak Table Café with his wife, Nikki, grow roots for their young family, and crack eggs…lots and lots of eggs!

“The original Oak Table was born 35 years ago in Sequim by my wife’s parents, Billy and Mary Nagler. Her parents and grandparents all ran their own restaurants making us third-generation restaurateurs. When Nikki and I got married, 12 years ago, we moved back to Sequim and worked for six years at her parent’s Oak Table learning all the ins and outs of the business,” McCurdy said. “In 2009, we opened our own Oak Table in Kingston and it went so well there we were able to relocate last summer to our own bigger space in Silverdale, which is such a great place to work and raise a family.”

McCurdy.1To get a snapshot of the couple’s success, McCurdy happily reports, “We’re on pace to crack 300,000 eggs this year. We have cracked more than 2 million eggs since we started!” He credits their loyal staff and patrons for having already exceeded their expectations for their first year in Silverdale. “It’s our awesome team who has helped make this possible. We took every single member of our 25-person crew from Kingston with us, hoping our dreams would fly. When you work with people day in and day out they become like family, so we were in it together. It was amazing to open up with a fully trained staff,” he explained of their new adventure. “Since then, we have had to hire another 25 employees to keep up with the demand. Our business has doubled. We’re just so grateful.”

The McCurdys’ business model is simple. “Good food. Good service. Repeat,” he said. “There are so many great things about working in the service industry, but mostly I love that it is my job to make people happy. We get to make someone’s day by providing a great meal and an experience they enjoy. My biggest goal is to be able to keep consistently taking care of our customers and crew. That’s the definition of long-term success to me.”

Those features are also what the McCurdys look for when choosing what businesses they’ll frequent. “As someone new to this area, I needed to find a dentist and didn’t know who to ask for a reliable referral. I deliberately went online looking for a reputable, family business. That is extremely important criteria to me,” he said. “When I saw that Clear Creek Dentistry was not only locally owned but voted Best Dentist in Central Kitsap, I was sold. I have had three appointments so far for restorative work and couldn’t be happier. The bedside manner I received was just about as perfect as you can get. I found Dr. (Steve) Haws extremely easy to talk to, he made me feel comfortable and the whole process from establishing care to actual treatment was completely painless.”

McCurdy.4McCurdy.5Similar to the philosophy at Clear Creek Dentistry, McCurdy believes a good business gives back. “I try to find opportunities to serve within the community and support charitable causes whether it’s in the form of stand-up comedy – a way for me to outlet my quirky personality – being a contestant on two TV game shows (Wheel of Fortune and Let’s Ask America) or other competitions related to food and fitness,” he said. “I have broken three Guinness Book world records so far, and turned those challenges into community fundraisers for things I believe in like research for uveitis, a degenerative eye disease our oldest daughter has.”

In 2011, McCurdy broke the world record for the most eggs cracked in one minute with one hand. Per the rules, no shell was allowed to fall into any of the cups or bowls used. He cracked 32 eggs to glean the title. Watch the egg-cracking record happen here.

In 2012, he set a new world record for the longest self-thrown grape catch – tossing it 68 feet 1 inch, then catching it in his mouth – breaking the previous record of 28 feet 2 inches by more than 40 feet! KOMO News deemed McCurdy “weirdly wonderful, in all the right ways” in this clip of the live event.

mcCurdy.3Then in 2013, McCurdy claimed the new world record for the most pancakes made in one hour – with his stack of 1,092 flapjacks.

“I’ve always wanted to push myself to try new things. That’s a lesson I want to teach my kids, too, that they can do anything if they set high goals and practice, practice, practice,” McCurdy said. “So I have a few new goals in the docket I’m working on in my spare time.”

Most often though McCurdy can be found working shoulder-to-shoulder with his wife and their staff, six days a week at the Oak Table. “I split my time between hosting and cooking in the kitchen,” he said.

When asked his favorite dish to chef up, McCurdy didn’t hesitate. “It’s got to be the French baked omelette. That’s the most technique-driven dish on our menu, therefore the most challenging and fun to make,” he said. “Have I mentioned how much I love a good challenge?”


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