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I am a big smiler and I was not happy with my smile for many years.  My teeth were small and I had a lot of gum tissue showing.  After discussing it with Dr. Haws we agreed on what would be the best plan.  I was able to communicate exactly what I wanted and he understood.  I am so happy with the final product!  It is better than I could have ever hoped for!  Thank you Dr. Haws and staff for all of your hard work.

Gayle B.

Poulsbo, WA

At age 25, I finally found a dentist that I was comfortable with/at and loved! Everything about this office is a joy. Wonderful staff, very caring and talented dentists! I went on to have veneers and every ‘old’ filling replaced by Dr. Haws — every ounce of this work completely changed my life. I am forever grateful. Thank you for your constant care, concern, and attention to detail. Best Dental Office EVER. Blessings, Lindsay

Lindsay Hoffbuhr

I love Clear Creek Dentistry.. The whole staff is friendly and caring, The Dentists are knowledgeable and genuinely care about you as a person… I was unsure when I moved and left my last dentist in another state what I would find at my new location… but I was pleasantly surprised….They are Wonderful!!!

George F.

Bremerton, WA

Our family has been seeing Dr Haws since moving to Washington in 2003. When Clear Creek opened, we were happy to follow Dr. Haws to the new practice. Our experience with them has always been a positive one. The staff is all helpful and friendly. They always make a point to make sure we are comfortable and satisfied with our visit. We think it’s awesome that Clear Creek is so involved in the community, whether it be by sponsoring students, or programs like the SmileMobile. We look forward to many more years with Clear Creek Dentistry.

LaRee H.

Silverdale, WA

I have had 3 visits so far at Clear Creek with Dr. Haws (1 check up and 2 different appointments for some cavities I needed filled).  This is my first time changing dentist due to moving across the country and I am beyond pleased with this office! Every single staff member from the front desk, to the dental assistant and to the dentist has been so kind and caring at all times. The dentist is not my favorite place to be but I feel right at home here. Dr. Haws and his staff made sure that all of my needs were taken care of and did everything possible to make sure I was always comfortable and not in ANY pain.

Their prices are very reasonable and they are very up front with the prices and will work with you. I’ve never had any issues scheduling. I am so happy I was referred to them!

Brittany W.

Bremerton, WA

I was a little reluctant to go to a new dentist after transitioning to a civilian dentist after serving in the military. When I scheduled my first appointment with Clear Creek Dentistry, I was expecting a normal checkup and the standard service. That changed when I stepped into Dr. Haws office and realized I had missed out.  I was amazed by the outstanding level of dental service provided by this office. Dr. Haws took great time and effort to ensure my dental plan is what I needed. He prioritized my dental plan and gave me options to consider.  He explained the treatment plan personally and took the time to explain his thoughts on my plan as well as listening to my concerns to make my plan work for me.  I feel more like a member of the team regarding my dental work rather than just a patient.

The dental hygienists and assistance are all top notch as well.  Clear Creek Dentistry offers a great environment for dental work.  They made me free of worry and apprehension on my visits and the sometimes uncomfortable experiences from certain dental procedures. Dr.Haws and his staff  go out of their way to make you feel comfortable; whether that be an on-time appointment with minimal time in the waiting room or ensuring your  comfort in the chair using technology such as noise canceling headphones with your own personal Pandora entertainment.

I have been to many dentists and the experiences I have had at Clear Creek are the best to date.  I went from feelings of apprehension regarding dental work to feelings of being calm, unafraid, and without doubt that this is going to be a pleasant experience.

K S.

Bremerton, WA

I have a bad mouth and have been to my share of dentists over the years – hands down this office is the BEST! I feel involved and educated in my dental plan. I just left the office after a tedious 3 hour appointment of fillings and I kid you not, it almost felt like a spa experience. Headphones and music along with a bite block were provided, and I was literally allowed to basically snooze through my procedure. My dentist did an excellent job numbing me and keeping me comfortable throughout the procedure. The office staff are professional and very welcoming and warm. I cannot say enough good things about Clear Creek Dentistry!

Lauren E.

Silverdale, WA

I went to Dr. Haws by recommendation of a friend and I am extremely happy with his work. He explains all of your options very clearly. With my particular situation, which was a little difficult, he went way above and beyond the call of duty. He met me at his office after hours to take care of an emergent situation. He was very patient and understanding throughout. Ultimately everything turned out perfectly and I am confident the work he did for me will last a long time.

Scott S.

Silverdale, WA

I have been to many dentists over the years and have had horrible experiences until I found Dr. Haws at clear creek. The whole staff is amazing. They make me feel comfortable, welcome, and safe. Amazing is the one word I can think of to say for everyone there. I recommend anyone to try them.

Beth L.

Bremerton, WA

I am 65 years old and have been to my share of dentists, some good and some not so good.  Clear Creek Dentistry is by far the best that I have gone to.  The facility is first class and very clean.  I had to have a root canal done and as everyone knows root canals are not fun.  However, Dr. Beck and the staff made the procedure as comfortable as possible.  If you need any dental work done, you can’t go to a better dental office.

Ronald K.

Las Vegas, NV

My hygienist is very thorough and let’s me know what she is doing, why it is important, and encourages me to ask questions throughout the cleaning, so I can improve my dental hygiene after I leave the office!

The front desk staff are very friendly and professional, too!

And as usual, Dr. Beck is a marvelous and caring dentist!

Thank You!

Richele S.

Poulsbo, WA

Dr. Haws extracted my son’s wisdom teeth last week. Dr. Haws was fabulous about taking our insurance so we decided to have a consult with him. He was so great at explaining the exact process that should be used in the extraction based on my son’s x-ray’s. He explained what the risks could be in a very matter of fact, but reassuring way. He took his time with my son during the surgery and was very concerned with how he was healing in the days following his surgery. His calm, educated manner of speaking about the process helped ease out minds in what can be a vet nerve wracking experience. Thank you Dr. Haws and staff!

Kristen M.

Poulsbo, WA

My family and I have been patients with Dr. Beck and Dr. Haws since 2002. The hygienists and administrative staff is always very friendly and welcoming and Dr. Beck and Dr. Haws seem to genuinely care about their patients. Every time I visit the hygienists take the time to ask me how I’m doing and what’s been going on in my life. It’s a small thing, but it makes a check up or procedure a little easier, so it’s something I value. I try to be very diligent in my cleanings and have them done every 6 months and the hygienists are always very thorough, gentle, and offer me oral care tips/techniques for my trouble areas. For procedural work, I tend to see more of Dr. Beck and I have nothing but praise for him. He is diligent in explaining to me the work he will do before/during the procedure and stops frequently to check in with me and make sure I’m as comfortable as possible. I’ve been seeing him for years and honestly, there’s no one else I trust for my dental work than Dr. Beck.

Sarah Harper

Bremerton, WA

Let me start by saying I am TERRIFIED of dental work. I didn’t go to the dentist for about 15 years, and when I did finally go I had the misfortune of having some very bad dental work done, the work was so bad that it put me in more pain afterward than I was in before the work, the office I had the work done at told me my terrified tense wiggling were the reason the work was not good.
* I decided I needed a different dentist*
I asked my neighbors who they see and the recommended Dr Haws. The receptionists got me in rather quickly and I explained that I have some very severe dental anxiety so they pre-medicated me before I went in. That, the gentle disposition of the assistant and Dr Haws, and their willingness to explain what they are doing and when they are going to do it, made the visit a lot less scary.
They fixed the problem the other dentist left (a filling that was way too tall for my bite that  gave me TMJ) and scheduled me for a new patient evaluation. Since I had avoided the dentist for so many years I had a lot of fillings I needed to get done. I had a dental emergency a few months later that required a root canal and they got me a referral for another clinic with an opening that same day.
They always explain the billing and fees ahead of time, and even spaced my work out to accommodate my insurance plan. I finally have 80% of the work I needed done finished and they prioritized the work in the order of importance.
I can chew food again and am not in pain for the first time in a long time.
Dr Haws is a great dentist, and don’t be afraid to tell them if you are terrified, they will go out of their way to make your visit comfortable.

Also, his assistant that did my cleanings was gentle as a marshmallow.

Danna F.

Silverdale, WA

First of all, like many people, I  hate getting my teeth worked on!  But I can say without reservation that Dr. Haws has been the only dentist I have ever seen that makes me feel completely at ease.  He explains everything in sufficient detail and is gentle beyond all expectation.  On a more personal note, he remembers what you talked about LAST time and always asks about what you are up to!  It may be that he just takes good notes…..but in any case, he reads them and makes me feel like I matter.  A rare find these days.  He and his staff are GEM’s!.

Jeff T.

Seabeck, WA

I will never go anywhere else!  I have 5 kids and all of them look forward to thier dental appointment becuase of the amazing staff and Dr’s.  Dr Haws is so kind and gentle, he makes going to the dentist a pleasure.  The staff is very caring and really make you feel at ease.  A fabulous dental office!

J J.

Silverdale, WA

This is a great dental office.  Dr. Haws and Dr. Beck have such a soft spoken and caring way of explaining everything to you, and they are very gentle.  Their staff is beyond awesome.  There is a strong family feel in the office, and they go out of their way to make you feel a part of the family.  If you have a dental-phobia or a shot-phobia this is the office for you.  A lot of effort is put into making you feel comfortable.  (They even use warm water when rinsing.) As for the quality of care – it is exceptional.  I have an implant on a front tooth place by Dr Haws – it looks completely natural, and people don’t even know it is a fake tooth.  I highly recommend this office.

Jerry J.

Silverdale, WA

I never used to smile much, inside or out. I started working on the inside and with Dr. Haws’ skill, tender demeanor and patience he helped build a smile that reflected not just good teeth, but my inner self-esteem.

June B.

Silverdale, WA

Great staff and dentists all around. Love the professional yet friendly environment. Highly recommended!

Corey Mason

Recently my tooth, which had a root canal many years ago, could no longer be saved and needed to come out. Since it was in front, I was very hesitant with thoughts of an unsightly gap in the middle of my smile while the work was progressing. Dr. Haws quickly informed me of his plan and how it would be done. His explanation put me at ease right away. I must say that although my mouth was a work in progress, during the process you couldn’t even tell I was having restorative or cosmetic work. I had a bridge, implant and veneers – a total of 6 teeth done in the front. I love how natural they look and have been very happy with my new smile.

Brenda Holmes

Silverdale, WA

Dr. Haws is the best dentist I’ve seen. He takes time to get to know his patients, is caring and truly wants to make them happy. I needed an implant and abutment on one of my front teeth and I was incredibly nervous about how the end result would look. I am a perfectionist and was extremely picky about how I wanted it to be. Dr. Haws assured me it would look as natural as possible. He did not disappoint! Not only does it look AMAZING but he also went out of his way to make it the exact color of my other teeth. He went above and beyond and I could not be happier with the outcome and every experience I have had with not only him but his entire staff. They are friendly, efficient and accommodating to each patient. Dr. Haws is truly the best!

Chelsea Cowell

Everett, WA

I have four children, one with autism, one with autism and Down syndrome. I’m very selective about who my kids see- I usually take them to a pediatric specialist. My son broke his front tooth on a Saturday shortly after we moved here and they got him right in. The staff and the dentists were amazing with him. Put him at total ease.

On our returning visit to have three of their regular check ups done, they seemed to have our visit well choreographed so that we were in and out in less than an hour and a half. They saw both of my special needs kids in that visit. My son with autism is ten, and they never for a second spoke down to him. They were above and beyond amazing.

They also make sure you know the cost of everything in advance. The practice is in a new, beautiful and clean office. The staff is fantastic.

Lexi M.

Silverdale, WA

I LOVE CLEAR CREEK DENTISTRY! Dr. Haws and Dr. Beck are kind, friendly, and truly care about you. There are not enough kind words to say about their staff. EVERYONE cares about your comfort and makes sure every minute you are there you are being taken care off. I drive forty five minutes for my appointments and yes there are dentists closer but NONE as good. If you are looking for a new Dentist try Clear Creek you will not ever go back to your old dentist.

Karen Peters

I drive over an hour to get to the dentist but it is well worth it. Dr. Haws is an excellent dentist and the staff is outstanding. My husband goes to Dr. Beck and is very pleased with him as well. They are examples of what the medical field should be like but very often isn’t these days. If you are looking for a skilled, caring, compassionate, and painless dentist, Clear Creek Dentistry is the one for you!

Ndlsa Usur

Dr. Haws is a great Dentist without a pretentious bone in his body and the staff is top notch! They makes you feel completely at ease. I have been a completely satisfied patient for more than 15 years. Additionally, I don’t think in the past 15 years, I have waited more than 10 minutes CUMULATIVELY for an appointment! FIVE STAR!

Jeff Tompson

If anyone knows what it is like looking for a good dentist I do! Over the years I have had 17 root canals, 22 crowns, 5 or more bridges, many extractions and a partial denture. (By other dentists)Now I am on my second multiple implant procedure. So I can safely say “been there – done that “. I am taking the time to write this review to help those of you looking for a surprising dental experience. I researched dentist offices in the greater Kitsap area and beyond – I am very pleased to say that ” Clear Creek Dentistry ” is where I now have all of my dental work done. And here is a short list of my reasons why:* Each office is meticulously clean.* Every staff member is there to assist you in a way that seems to no longer exist in todays standards. * They excel in customer service. You will not feel like just another number with this company.*Top of the line dental equipment and technology.* Careful consideration is taken to get you through whatever your procedure is with the most gentle care you could want. Okay, so they seem like an excellently managed dental office right ? Yes . . they are. But what about the tough part . . . once you get in that chair ! This is probably what I found most surprising. Injections that seem to me to be painless. The care and way in which you are injected is amazing to me – I keep waiting for the pain and it never comes. A constant concern for your comfort is most obvious from the moment you enter their office to the time you schedule upcoming appointments on your way back home. They are with you all the way. Does it sound like I am a very satisfied patient of Clear Creek Dentistry? You bet I am – and I wanted to share my experience so you may feel the same way too.I would never put my name to something in which I didn’t feel this strong about. Thank you for reading my review.

Susan Blakley-Hendrickson

I started going to Clear Creek when I first moved out to WA. I had not been to a dentist in several years because of insurance. My previous experiences with dentist has been ok but the dentist I had been to since I was a child was always very negative and not very uplifting, so I was not looking forward to any visits. I was amazed by the care I received at Clear Creek! Everyone I spoke to was so kind and helpful! Sandy takes care of cleaning my teeth and she is always so positive, she has even given explanations of why my teeth collect plaque in certain areas and made suggestions on how I can better clean those areas, that was the first time I had helpful advice! She also asks questions about my life that she remembers from my last visit that I would never expect her to remember! Dr. Haws really cares about the well being of his patients, and shows that by taking the time to really listen to you. If you are looking for a quality dentist office consider Clear Creek, they genuinely care for their patients and want the best for them.

Kerri Miller

My experience with Clear Creek Dentistry, Dr. Beck and staff has been outstanding. On a scale from one to ten, I would rate it at 150…They are considerate, compassionate, thoughtful and caring;

Lena Swanson

Always feels like seeing family. Everyone at Clear Creek Dentistry greets you with a smile and they make you feel as if you are the only one being seen that day 🙂

Corine Vichi

My hygienist is always so gentle, I can hardly believe she’s working on me. I trust Dr. Beck to make decisions that are right for me.

Skye Loyd

A friend recommended the place to me, and I was not disappointed. Easily one of the best dentistry offices in the area.

Cary Stark

WE LOVE CLEAR CREEK DENTISTRY! I’m not much of a writer but, I just had to write a review! My son and I have been with Dr Haws for longer than I can remember. We were with them at their old location as well. This office is filled with wonderful people! The kind of people that you actually look forward to being able to see again, each time you have a dentist appointment. They are smiling, smart, kind, caring, special people and we really couldn’t ask for more than that! I don’t see us ever going to someone else and if we happened to move to another area, we’d ask them for a referral, because we trust them. -Semi-Annual cleaning…covered by insurance. -Filling, if needed (which is rare) covered by insurance because they are on many Preferred Provider lists. -Encouraging our son to keep his teeth clean and healthy…PRICELESS! WE THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS, ROOTS AND GUMS (Corny I know) :)…but TRUE! ♥ Jessica and Bradley

Jessica Mefford

Our family loves Clear Creek Dentistry! Dr. Haws and his staff are friendly and professional. In addition to exceptional dental care, Clear Creek Dentistry takes an interest in their patients’ outside interests – check out their great blog highlighting their talented patients. Dr. Haws is also an Eagle Scout and provides space in his office for BSA Eagle Scout Boards of Review and often times is part of the review board. We appreciate Clear Creek Dentistry’s commitment to community!

Katie Walters

Honestly this is the best dentistry in Kitsap County.

Chris Fraizer

Staff, Doctors are all fantastic!

David Stieber

Dr Beck has been so great for my whole family. He is always very gentle and makes it a fun place for the kids to be!!! Highly recommended by us!!!


Absolutely love this dental office! Staff is friendly, kind, and listens to your problems and fears, and puts you at ease. The Doctor’s are fantastic, great “bedside” manner. I would recommend them to everyone!

Kelly S.

After moving constantly as a child and now as a Navy spouse, I have had my fair share of dentists. This office is by far the best yet. The hygienist was very professional and explained everything so that I was easily able to understand each step she was taking. Dr Haws was amazing as well.


Clear Creek has always exceeded my dental expectations. I greatly appreciate their kind and courteous staff. Thank you for always taking great care of my family’s dental needs!

S. Finn

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