Dr. Beck and Dr. Haws and the rest of the Clear Creek team are thrilled to be sponsors for the Little League World Series, currently being held at the Silverdale fairgrounds.

Dr. Beck was especially proud last night when his daughter sung the national anthem.

clear creek dentistryThe whole Beck crew stayed to watch the teams from Greenville, North Carolina and Waite Pass, Minnesota battle it out for the privilege of playing in the championship game.  “Well,” the Beck’s youngest daughter said, “I guess we should cheer for the Americans.” Learning that both teams were American, they decided to cheer for the team whose dugout they were sitting next to.  Surrounded by southern drawls, it wasn’t difficult to figure that out.  Or so they thought.  Their son said, “Wow.  They have strong accents in Minnesota.”  Apparently the Becks don’t travel enough.


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